Faith Comes From Hearing

What started in a small village in northern Kenya near the beginning of 2020 has become an international movement of disciples making disciples. Stretching across Kenya from Kitale to Mombasa; and across East Africa from Kenya to South Sudan, This small network of believers and churches grew from just 1 disciple, to a church of 12 (Disciples of Birunda Church), to a living breathing network of churches spanning 3 countries with over 2000 baptized Jesus-loving believers!

And, all this has taken place between 2019 - 2021.

But false motives made their way into this rapidly growing work and many of what was there has been lost. We came into Kenya excited to see the country changed by rapid expansion, but over time we saw the superiority of Jesus' strategy with pouring into a few. Today, the work has more health in depth, but less depth. We are content in this as more of each person is transformed into the likeness of Christ so that we can be disciples worth multiplying.

Join us in seeing No Place Left East Africa where the gospel has not reached

Faith Comes from Hearing Ministries

The two videos below show the work that was going on before conflicting motives were revealed to the church. Today, there is less excitement but more honesty. Less publicity, but more vulnerability. Less attendants, but more disciples.